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Computer Repairs South Brisbane

  • Experienced Professional

    We pride ourselves on being a professional computer repair facility

  • Expert Technical Skills

    Our technical expertise will give you an honest and reliable assessment

  • Friendly Service

    Majority of issues are repaired within the same day

  • Affordable Diagnosis

    Diagnosing the issues with options, all within an affordable price

Computer Repairs South Brisbane

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If your computer is not functioning properly, and you are on the look for a reliable firm that offers computer repairs South Brisbane  you have come to the right place.

Frank’s Computer Repairs is the most trusted computer repairing service providers in the Brisbane area. We ensure solving your issue and handing over your device on time.

As per our customers, we are the best company offering computer repairs in Ipswich because of the overall software and hardware networking support that we provide.

We proceed by analyzing your computer issue, discuss the price for resolving the issue, and then start computer repairs in Redcliffe.

Some of our computer and laptop repair services South Brisbane:

    • Repairing CPU related errors such as computer running very slow, no display, hanged, USB not detecting, network failure etc.
    • Motherboard repairs of all kind, be it Intel, Asus, Gigabyte, Dell, Hp or any other brand and chipset board from P-4, to Core, i7, etc.
    • Repairing hard disk related problems such as wrong capacity, logic failure
    • SMPS repair for issues like automatic restarting or not restarting, no power connection and stoned CPU
    • Spare parts repairs
  • Software upgrading

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  • How long will my computer take to repair?

    Most are repaired on the same day. In the worse case, computers with serious problems there is a 3 day turnaround. Respect is given to return a computer as quickly as possible.

  • Will I lose any data from my Computer Hard Disc?

    The risk of losing data is high if the HD itself is physically damaged. Sometimes you will hear a grating noise coming from a damaged HD. Well that is never a good sign. The only real answer is for the HD in question is to get tested”. The upside to this question is most data is able to be recovered from a questionable HD