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Data Recovery Brisbane

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    We pride ourselves on being a professional computer repair facility

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    Majority of issues are repaired within the same day

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Data Recovery Brisbane

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Have you lost personal or official data on your computer? Whether it’s the failure of hard drive or the flash drive has malfunctioned and you are unable to get your data off your computer – Frank’s Computer Repairs can help! Upon diagnosing the problem we will tell you every possible option to ensure data recovery in Brisbane.

Our services:

Recovery from Memory Card

You store all your videos and photos on memory card. When it stops reading or writing, you can give us a call to recover data and computer help  Brisbane. We can help you get back your video and photos by recovering files.

Recovery from Hard Disk

Sometimes, hard disks fail to boot or read from bad clusters. If you have lost your data because of hard disk error, we can recover files from unreadable hard disk memory.

Recovery from Pen Drive

You can’t access data stored in pen drive or flash drive when they fail to detect, either because of the faulty USB port, damaged pen drive or malware attack. Our computer technicians in Brisbane can bring back you data without formatting.

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  • How long will my computer take to repair?

    Most are repaired on the same day. In the worse case, computers with serious problems there is a 3 day turnaround. Respect is given to return a computer as quickly as possible.

  • Will I lose any data from my Computer Hard Disc?

    The risk of losing data is high if the HD itself is physically damaged. Sometimes you will hear a grating noise coming from a damaged HD. Well that is never a good sign. The only real answer is for the HD in question is to get tested”. The upside to this question is most data is able to be recovered from a questionable HD